We value the relationships with our clients above all else. Here's what some of them have to say about us! 

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"We will forever owe you for the magic that you created for our wedding day." - Jennifer

"Your attention to detail made the difference...the friendliness and helpfulness of your staff, your subtle suggestions, the very welcoming as well as delicious food stations, and most of all your ability to hear the wishes of each of use, and then meld them into the appropriate outcome." - Ann Marie

 "Your staff was courteous, efficient and fun...it was my true pleasure to have had them at such an important affair." - Kathy

 "Every member of your staff was great. What an amazing group. They managed to make it look effortless. They were so pleasant and efficient and when it was time to call it a night, everything was simply taken care of. We couldn't have asked for more." - Michelle

 "The room was decorated beautifully and you went beyond what we expected with your floral decorations...the bars and food stations were expertly situated, the food was absolutely delicious, there was plenty of it and it was presented in a lovely manner. Your wait staff was helpful, polite and well trained. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Ellen

"You were all amazing...the food was incredible, the service was impeccable, the rooms were decorated just perfectly..." - Cat

"What made it truly possible for us to relax and enjoy ourselves was your superb organization and kindness, and the good humor and professionalism of your staff. Bravo!" - Nadine

"Bixby's Caterers and Lisa Bixby were AMAZING! I will be forever indebted to Lisa for creating a once in a lifetime event for my family. One shining evening that we will remember forever." - Robin

"Bixby's Caterers are outstanding to work with on all fronts, from listening to the client or wedding couple's desires to the diplomacy of budget planning. The staff are true professionals and the quality of the food is excellent. Add it all up with Lisa's special floral arrangements and you have a fabulous catered wedding packages from the "I Do's" the honeymoon send off." - Debra

"Going with Bixby's Caterers was a wonderful choice for our wedding. From the start, Lisa was always very professional and organized. There was no need to hire a wedding planner because she really took care of everything. With our wedding at Bellevue, she coordinated with all the vendors so we didn't need to worry about that. She made suggestions that didn't break the bank, and she never pressured us to do something we didn't want. The results on the wedding day were beautiful and the food was delicious!" - Helene

"I have used Bixby's catering services a few times, and each time has been a relief. Lisa Bixby's menus are creative and seasonal, her staff is professional, and there are no surprises. I can just concentrate on the guests. I would highly recommend them to a friend or business colleague." - Kristine

"My daughter's wedding was out of town, in a location we were not completely familiar with, and Lisa basically coordinated everything, helping us with decorations, placement of tables, figuring out procedures, etc. Her flexibility was amazing. So many times in the course of planning, I would come across a seemingly overwhelming obstacle, and she would find a way to handle it. She made the wedding a success." - Clara




Photos by Erik Mackey, Love Me Do Photography and Feehly Photography